Creativity Crush: Kerry James Marshall

“I’m driven by a desire to meaningfully provoke others’ curiosity, to paint without cynicism.  I still believe in mastery; in the service of imagination it can exceed the limitations of circumstance.” – Kerry James Marshall

On my more emo, more personal blog, I wrote about how art has made me more aware of the types of intimacy I appreciate. Kerry James Marshall’s Slow Dance is one of those piece.  Here he is talking about the painting:

And here he is speaking on the label “black artist”:

Read more about Kerry James Marshall on the PBS Art21 Site

Creativity Crush: Bradford Young

Though I have mixed feelings about Restless City, I have much respect for the film’s cinematographer, Bradford Young. Check him in out this video:

We use jazz…as a mantra on how we want to make films…the collective responsibility of how you cannot make jazz alone.  And that is sort of what we are trying to bring to the table of filmmaking. – Bradford Young

How can I not have a crush? The analogies to Jazz. The focus on the idea of collaboration and community. The mentions of his inspiration. He’s talking about his work and never says “I”.  Amazing.

More about Mr. Young:
His Website
His Vimeo Page