From the Soundtrack: Magic System & More

In writing my Akata Witch post, I recalled memories of putting together cultural events with my colleagues in college.  No matter the event, music was one of the most critical components of it — our events would not exist without African songs from the past and current hits.

Magic System’s Premiere Gaou is one of those songs that takes me back to the days of imitating our parents with fashion shows, potlucks, and parties. Check it out:

And a few more tracks that take me back to college:

A History Lesson from AfroPop

I tagged this post as ‘research for the story’ because the embedded radio show highlights some of the history that is integral to a story I’m working on.  Check it out for yourself:

You can read a transcribed version of The Hip Hop Generation in Africa: Ghana and Ivory Coast over at AfroPop.

Other interesting links I discovered after this podcast:

writer/DJ Juan G’s Tumblr Digging 4 Gold

Burger Highlife Explosion!!! – a documentary film about musicians who left after the curfews mentioned in the AfroPop podcast

some Ghanaian political history from Nations Encyclopedia