On My Radar: Faire L’Amour

At the end of the the post-screening Q&A of Donoma, Djinn Carrénard let us know that he would begin shooting his next feature length film as soon as he returned to France.  Like Donoma, the new film would be on the topic of love but more so focused on the day-to-day aspect of love and how couples can grow to hate each other.

I’m in!

Now from Cineuropa (via Shadow & Act), we get a more detailed synopsis:

Oussmane is a musician losing his hearing in a loveless relationship with Laure, an air hostess desperately trying to get pregnant. Kahina is a young woman doing time in a prison somewhere in Ile de France who gets leave for a week to spend Christmas with her four-year-old daughter. Oussmane and Kahina will fall in love during this week on leave, clinging on to each other with the passion of their instinct to survive. Kahina can’t see her daughter, Kahina falls in love, Kahina has to return to prison.

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